Client Guard Software equips companies with the ability to Identify Known Risk Factors to Help Keep Their Employees and Company Safe!

Health Care and Social Service Professions are 5 Times More Likely to Suffer Serious Injuries Related to Workplace Violence

1.5 Million Violent Attacks and 395 Deaths in 2020 Related to Workplace Violence on Health Care Workers

Identify Risk Factors Instantly and Reduce Workplace Violence

Benefits of Using Client Guard


H.R. 1195 directs OSHA to outline standards requiring health care and social service organizations to develop and implement workplace violence prevention plans.

Employee Retention

Support higher morale, recruitment and lower attrition while taking steps to protect your employees.

Reduce Expenses

Annual economic cost of workplace violence nationwide is close to $121 billion.

Client Guard software

makes your employees feel safe and protected!

Companies that sends medical professionals into clients homes.

Schools and Government Service Organizations that send employees into homes.

In-home, trade service professionals: House Cleaning, Plumbing, HVAC.

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