Client Guard Software equips its subscribers with known risk factors to help…

  • Provide necessary workplace due diligence.
  • Mitigate company losses.
  • Establish protocol to protect against workplace violence.
  • Stay compliant with OSHA, CDC, The Joint Commission, and H.R. 1195.

Identify Risk Factors and Reduce Workplace Violence

Benefits of Client Guard Software


H.R. 1195 directs OSHA to outline standards requiring health care and social service organizations to develop and implement workplace violence prevention plans.

Employee Retention

Support higher morale, recruitment and lower attrition while taking steps to protect your employees.

Reduce Expenses

Annual cost of workplace violence nationwide is close to $121 billion.

…and Who Benefits?

In-home service providers

Schools, Government Service Organizations, Businesses and Corporations

In-home trade service providers

Client Guard Software

Know Before You Go