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of homecare nurses have experienced violence in the workplace
+ 0 %
of homecare workers report concerns over their personal safety
states are reducing healthcare violence by requiring safety plans

Reducing Healthcare Violence

Know Who Is Answering the Door

Instant patient background checks allow you to know more about the setting your home care workers will be entering and develop the right lone worker safety plan.

Protect Your Workers

Will the next patient present a safety threat to your home-care worker? Patient background screening allows you to come up with the right pre-visit safety plan.

Get Instant Insights

Instantly screen patients by checking 99% nationwide criminal records, 900+ sex offender sources, 700+ Patriot Global Watch List sources, social security and 70+ warrant sources in real time.

Support Staff Retention

Staff recruitment and retention is easier when healthcare employers can demonstrate a culture of safety and commitment to workers’ satisfaction and security from violence in the workplace.

Scale with Ease

As care increasingly shifts to home-based settings, providers can screen any size patient population at low cost.

Easy as 1-2-3

How It Works

We’ll scan 99% of nationwide criminal records in an instant.

Enter known data about
patient or patient

    Get a detailed report,
  • Any convictions
  • Identifiable factors
    (Hair color, eye color,
    height, weight,
    tattoos, skin tone, etc.)

Armed with data, you can now create the right action plan to support the safety of your worker.


Level 1
Up to 25 Searches/mo.


Level 3

Call for Price

Single Search
Up to 5 Single Searches.

Line One

Keeping In-Home
Workers Safe

In home social worker
Home healthcare worker

Supporting Lone Worker Safety

Why Choose Client Guard?

Healthcare employers trust Client Guard for all their patient background check needs.

Instant insights

Real-time scanning of live data

Covers 99% of nationwide criminal records

Low Cost
Practical to use across your entire patient population
Reducing Healthcare Violence

Frequently Asked Questions for Reducing Healthcare Violence with Client Guard

Yes, Client Guard scans publicly available information and no personal health information is exchanged or stored.
No, whether you decide to tell an individual that you have run a background check and what you have discovered is entirely up to you.
Client Guard is designed specifically for healthcare providers to ensure the safety of their employees. Unlike these other services, Client Guard uses up-to-the moment screening of data found in original data sources. Many other copies simply scan information purchased from another party, which means the information may be up to a month old and often passes through an entity that is not the original source.
Your strategies for reducing healthcare violence will depend on the potential threat level, the setting and your risk mitigation and safety plan. Many healthcare providers will take steps such as ensuring workers are not on-site alone. Other steps may include having the worker carry a panic button, tracking app and/or phone with direct 911 connection. In some instances, having the worker accompanied by security personnel may be the right course of action for reducing healthcare violence risk.
Client Guard scans for security risks, provides instant insights and is low cost for easy use across your patient populations. Employee checks will often verify employment and education in addition to or instead of security scanning and can take weeks for processing at high cost.

Client Guard can be set up with different user accounts, so you can track who is performing background checks and when.

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