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Fast Client Background Checks: Risk Assessment and Due Diligence at Your Fingertips

Posted by Tina Servis January 17, 2023

If you run a successful business, you probably know that having your employees on the up-and-up is incredibly important. That is why having access to the right background checks and risk assessment tools can help keep your employees safe. Safe employees will also ensure that your business stays afloat and out of trouble with the law. We understand it is not easy to determine who to hire, as well as which clients you serve.

There are many qualified candidates and you have to weigh each one in terms of their benefits and drawbacks. You need to make sure that you do not end up hiring someone who could be dangerous to your company in the long run, but also that you do not discriminate against someone because of their background or previous record. Likewise, when employees go to work at in-home sites, they must also be protected. Hence, the clients must also be screened. There are several resources that can help combat this issue.

One great resource is our fast and affordable background checks for clients, which offers risk assessment and due diligence services at your fingertips! Here at Client Guard Incorporated, we actually have the capabilities to run background checks on in-home service based clients before employees go. Knowing before going is key to keep all parties safe!

What Is A Background Check? A Client Background Check?

In an effort to protect their businesses, many companies conduct background checks on potential employees as well as potential clients. Background checks often provide information such as criminal history, education, previous employment verifications, and reference checks. Our unique client background checks can help protect your employees from potentially dangerous client homes and situations as well as protect your business from lawsuits. Performing these checks allow you to stay on the safe side and prioritize employees. Hence, running one’s own business is easier with access to fast background checks that provide risk assessment and due diligence by using real time data.

What Are The Types of Background Checks?

Background checks are not as basic or surface level as they may seem. They can encompass a variety of things, depending on what you’re looking for. From a simple background check to run on potential clients to full background investigations, there are several options available. At Client Guard Incorporated, we offer background checks for various types of companies and organizations that range from healthcare to schools at different price points. These checks assess criminal records and other data to ensure the workers you hire and send in are reliable.

We also specialize in checks that screen potential clients. This would benefit any company that sends employees like medical professionals into clients homes, schools or government organizations that send employees into peoples homes, and any in-home, trade service professional, such as house cleaning, plumbing, HVAC. Both your employees and your clients will feel protected.

Why Conduct a Background Check?

Background checks should be conducted as part of your pre-employment screening process. This is because they allow managers to take precautions to keep both current and potential employees and employees safe from threats posed by individuals who do not have the best interests at heart. For example, companies should conduct background checks before hiring home health care workers, personal assistants, caregivers for seniors, nannies, housekeepers or other household staff members that could potentially pose risks such as identity theft (i.e., stealing credit card information), abuse (physical or emotional) and neglect (such as not feeding a client properly). These people may not hold any malice towards you personally but they may simply be looking for an opportunity to take advantage of your trust in them or just not be properly qualified.

Additionally, background checks can help you identify if your clients are trustworthy. For example, if a client has been terminated from jobs repeatedly or has been charged with certain crimes, it automatically throws up a red flag. Then, you know it is not a safe client or a safe home for your employees to visit on the job. Background checks help you mitigate risk and ensure compliance with current rules and regulations.

In addition, background checks can screen out clients that may be unsuitable to receive services due to prior criminal activity. Imagine you hire a house cleaner and who goes to someone’s home to clean their house for their scheduled weekly cleaning. The homeowner is home. And they threaten your employee. Or Possibly worse. This situation was avoidable if you had used Client Guard Incorporated’s special services beforehand. This will make you feel safe and secure in your decisions when you send your employees into clients’ homes, and so on. It will also reduce liability and lawsuits in the long run.

4 Common Issues That Could Be Hindering Staff Performance And Efficiency (And How To Resolve Them)

Are you dealing with low employee retention rates, high absences, high expenses, and high insurance risk? Conducting background checks beforehand will resolve these issues. It will allow you to hire reliable and responsible workers who work for trusted clients. Furthermore, it will also allow you to ensure your employees feel safe and cared for when they are on the job, visiting clients, and performing the appropriate duties. Verifying that clients are clear and do not have any past offenses will improve staff performance, as your employees will feel safe and cared for in the homes they work at. The best part is that conducting background checks doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

A simple click or two can provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not a candidate is right for your company. Do not delay – conduct fast screening with us today!

Improve Your Chances Of Hiring and Protecting Your Talented Candidates

Hiring talented people and then protecting them is one of your most important responsibilities. But as an employer, you have more than just screening out unqualified candidates to worry about; you also need to be sure you are not hiring potential liability. To make sure that does not happen, use our fast background checks from a company that specializes in employee and client safety. Many employers agree that background checks are a better option when it comes to filling vacancies quickly with qualified candidates. Not only do they ensure that applicants have work experience (or are actively seeking work), but they also help you screen for red flags like criminal records or outstanding debts. When done right, these tools help you determine whether customers will be good fits for your business—and if they do not pass, it helps you move on quickly without dedicating time, money, and your precious employees to the cause first.

Who Conducts Background Checks? We do!

Here at Client Guard Incorporated, background checks are one of our most common requests and best offerings, as employers want to make sure they are hiring candidates and working with clients who will contribute effectively and efficiently – not be a liability in their organization. After hiring the perfect employee, you want to make sure they are protected on the job. The rules are different depending on where you work, but generally speaking, background checks include personal references, your credit history, and criminal record if you’re applying for a job that requires one. We can handle all of these requests for companies big or small! Contact us today to learn more.

Get started with us today!

Start off with our affordable background checks, risk assessments, and due diligence to see how easy it is to stay compliant with federal, state, and local regulations in just a few clicks. Our comprehensive background checks take less than five minutes to complete. We offer over pre-built reports that allow you to quickly access all of your relevant data. Learn more about how we can help keep your business compliant while making sure you’re hiring qualified candidates and then protecting them when they visit reliable clients’ homes – Try with 10 searches,15 searches or 20 searches or give us a call. We would love to set you up with our enterprise or business package! Reach us at (218) 414-8273 or (218) 41-GUARD.

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