Grabbing Incidents are Relentless-

A steady stream of violent events erupting in US shopping malls, hotels, resorts, office buildings, and other facilities.

In the real estate industry alone, approximately 40% of all workplace fatalities were attributable to workplace violence. (BLS)  The National Association of Realtors reports that 53% of realtors felt unsafe during common situations including: open houses, viewing vacant homes/model homes, going to properties that were unlocked or unsecured, and working with buyers who refused to meet in public places, properties or remote areas.

6% of Realtors reported being a victim of a crime while working as a Real Estate Professional and 43% of them carry some time of self defense weapons.


Zero to minimal knowledge about the person you are meeting with.


Employers have a duty to

protect their employees – this includes Work Place Violence (OSHA)


Client Guard Software, fast, easy, instant Criminal and Sex Offender Background information on your clients!

Being in the real estate business can be a risky profession, every day, agents are getting robbed, assaulted or worse, murdered.  What are you doing to keep yourself and your team safe?

Real Estate Agents face significant danger at work. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, 73 real estate professionals died while on the job in 2020. Although it’s uncertain how many of those incidents resulted from workplace violence vs. other types of injuries, it’s clear people who sell real estate are at high risk for potential violence.