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You Have The Right to Know Who You Are Prospects Are

In the real estate industry, personal interaction is key. Properties are rarely sold without some sort of contact between the prospective buyer and the selling agent. However, with the expansion of information technology, buyers are now able to locate properties on their own and contact selling agents directly.

As a result, many agents see 40-50% of their inquiries coming from unrepresented buyers. The primary selling effort for agents now consists of physically walking these buyers through the property. Frequently, this is done unaccompanied, which can be dangerous given that the agent has zero knowledge of the person they’re with.

In light of this, it’s important for agents to take precautions when meeting with unrepresented buyers.

Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way for Real Estate Agents to gain instant access to accurate public information on their prospect.


Instantly search for criminal history

Know before you go if your prospect has a criminal or sex offender history

Verify past bankruptcies, judgements, and liens

Know the financial status of your prospect

Verify current assets

Gain access to property records and more

With Just a Phone Number

99% of the nations criminal database

700+ Patriot Global Watch List sources

900+ sex offender sources

99% of current assets, including property records, Professional License Records and business records

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